Afro-American Cultural Center

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Known as the Afro House, this space provides a supportive and inclusive environment and programs that empower students, faculty, staff and community members to excel in their endeavors, stretch themselves to experience diversity, engage in activism, make positive choices, and serve their communities.

The Afro-American Cultural Center was established in 1968 to create a space for Black students from different cultural backgrounds to adjust to University life. In preserving Black culture, the center provides an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to share their cultural knowledge and educate the entire community.

To reserve space at the Afro-American Cultural Center, please read over the Center Clean-Up and Decorating Policy then click HERE to complete and submit the reservation form.


303 Melrose Ave, Iowa City, Iowa


Mon-Thurs: 10am-10pm
Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: 5pm-10pm


(319) 335-8296



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Mission Statement

The UI Cultural and Resource Centers provide intra- and cross-cultural education, leadership and organizational development opportunities, social justice education and change, a "home away from home" for students, and a safe space for cultural and psychosocial development. The Centers compliment the academic mission of the University by enhancing students' experiences inside and outside of the classroom.



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