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Hosting An Event

Student Organizations can host an event as long as they have the proper approvals before the event takes place. Any of the following constitutes an event (not limited to): any gathering for... Read Full Post

Posted on 13 July 2015

Funding Sources

There are a number of ways for a student organization to receive funding. Examples include: Collecting money from members (dues) Dues may be collected via cash or check only. Checks should... Read Full Post

Posted on 9 July 2015

Off Campus Bank Accounts

Student organizations are NOT ALLOWED to have bank accounts off campus! All student organization transactions must be processed through the Student Organization Business Office (SOBO). There are rare exceptions to... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

What your organization needs to hold a raffle

Holding a raffle is a form of gambling and raffle sales will be taxed. Student organizations must complete and sign the gambling license application form and submit to the Student... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

Reserving University Vehicles

Student Organizations may rent a vehicle from University of Iowa Fleet Services for travel to a national or regional conference or to participate in an academic/athletic competition only. In order... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

Travel Requirements

Traveling on behalf of a University of Iowa student organization comes with following many policies (III.Student Organizations; B.; Section V.) For each trip, complete a required Travel Prior Approval form[]. Submit... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

Contract Requirements

Certain vendors, venues, and services will require a contract. In addition, contracts must be used to pay an individual for services (includes honoraria, speakers, performers, DJ’s, etc.), signed by the... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

Making Donations

Student organizations are allowed to donate funds to charities or other causes. Fundraisers held for these causes should follow the event planning process outlined in Hosting An Event. When ready... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

Restricted Purchases

List of restricted items (not limited to): Printing and copying jobs done outside the University Ordering or printing goods with a design, without UI Licensing approval Alcohol/firearms/ammunition Telephones other than University... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

How to Spend Money

Based on how and what you are buying, there are different options: 1) You may request to use Student Organization Business Office (SOBO)’s credit card (for most routine purchases under $5,000)... Read Full Post

Posted on 20 May 2013

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