Hosting An Event

Student Organizations can host an event as long as they have the proper approvals before the event takes place.

Any of the following constitutes an event (not limited to):

  • any gathering for which admission is charged or donations are collected
  • payment to an individual or business requiring a contract (including speaking and performance fees)
  • film/movie
  • tournament
  • rally
  • bake sale
  • raffle
  • blood drive

Please visit Event Services (159 IMU) if the event will be held at the IMU or Hubbard Park.

Please visit the Vice President for Student Life Office (249 IMU) for events on the Anne Cleary Walkway, Pentacrest or Kautz Plaza.

Stop by SOBO (159 IMU) to complete an Event Information Form (EIF) for events not held at the locations listed above.

Event planning can be complex. Please allow ample time to meet with the many people who are involved (advisors, facility coordinators, caterers, etc.). An EIF form should be completed 2 weeks prior to your event date.

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