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Leadership and Service Programs is committed to the leadership development of all UI students. Students can enroll in academic leadership classes to discover more about the skills necessary for effective leadership.



Spring Semesters (LS:1024) 
3 semester hours

Hawkeye Service Trips academic course. Introduction to theoretical approaches to service learning; shared experiential learning event off campus coordinated by professional or graduate staff member; variety of concepts including intersectionality of varied social and community issues, reflection and reciprocity, active citizenship and community building, practical implementation of skills from student's academic disciplines, leadership development, and other related areas; five expectations of the IOWA Challenge, with emphasis on STRETCH and SERVE, through education, direct service, and reflection.

Introduction to Leadership Class

Fall & Spring Semesters (LS:1020) 
3 semester hours

The goal of this class is to provide an overview of theories and skills necessary for effective leadership. Students will examine the historical perspective on leadership theory, participate in self-assessments, learn about the Student Leadership Challenge, understand groups, culture, and communities, apply what they have learned in experiential learning settings, and develop a personal philosophy of leadership. This course is geared toward emerging student leaders.

President's Leadership Class

Fall Semester (LS:1022) 
3 semester hours

The President's Leadership Class (PLC) is a credit-bearing course offered each fall to invited first-year students through an application process. Class activities and events include interactive discussions with President Harreld on topics including how first-year students are adjusting to college life, current UI issues, how a University President makes decisions, and philosophy on leadership.

Leadership Certificate Practicum Class

Fall & Spring Semesters (LS:1023) 
3 semester hours

This course is intended for students completing the certificate in Leadership studies. Students are expected to engage in a meaningful and educational co-curricular experience in an on-campus leadership position. The student must take initiative to pursue active leadership roles and responsibilities, while practicing the application of leadership models in practical experiences.

Leadership Certificate

The need for competent and effective leaders in today's complex and global communities has always been a pressing issue an, consequently, leadership development programs have a long history in higher education.

The Certificate in Leadership Studies will provide a structure for involvement, introducing students to the concepts of leadership while giving them the necessary, hands-on leadership experiences to begin the life-long development of these skills. By earning the Certificate in Leadership Studies, students are introduced to these basic goals and skills and are called on to make a conscious commitment to lead.

The Certificate in Leadership Studies is coordinated by a multi-disciplinary committee composed of faculty from the Colleges of Business, Education, and Liberal Arts & Sciences, administered by the Pomerantz Career Center, and supported by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership.

For more information, see the Certificate in Leadership Studies website or contact the Pomerantz Career Center.

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