A University policy requires that all student organization printing and copying must be done on campus at one of the following locations:

University funds cannot be used to pay for printing or copying from any other location. This includes '00' funds and student government funds in student organization accounts. This policy also applies to reimbursement requests - such requests will be denied if they include receipts for printing or copying from a business.

Student organizations can contact any of the above listed on-campus printing centers for pricing information. Pricing and contact information can also be found at The printing center will always require payment before beginning a job.

Payment will be made with an interdepartmental (blue) requisition form. This form must be signed by both an authorized student signer as listed on an organization's OrgSync profile, and a staff member from the Student Organization Business Office (SOBO). 

SOBO will ask to see the design of a printing or copying job before approving payment. SOBO will review for the following:

  • Accuracy of date & location information
  • Approved Event Information Form on file, if applicable
  • Accessibility Statement included for publicity of events open to public
  • Logos of sponsors on marketing materials
  • Overall appropriateness

A SOBO-approved requisition form can be taken to a printing center, or uploaded to the online ordering system.

Note: When working with a printing center, you may be asked for your "M Number" for billing. Student organizations do not have "M Numbers" and will always pay via requisition. 

For more information on printing, contact Student Organization Business Office (132 IMU) at (319) 335-3065 or