OrgSync Features and Best Practices

How to Renew Your Student Organization Each Semester

Student organizations are required to renew/update their student organization’s OrgSync portal to maintain University registration. You must be an administrator to complete renewal updates . Administrator status can be obtained by emailing the campus administrator at or your organization’s current administrator can grant you access by changing your account group utilizing the people module within your organization’s portal.

You must have a personal profile within OrgSync to complete organization renewals for your student organization. If you have not created one, you will be prompted to do so upon login to the site. The University of Iowa uses an authenticated login that requires your Hawk ID and password. To sign-in to OrgSync visit: and click on the "Sign-in OrgSync" button. You will be routed to a page that asks for your Hawk ID and password.

Once in OrgSync, you must be a member of your organization. Click on “My Memberships” near the top of the screen. Then, you must click on your organization in the drop down menu. You will then be routed to your organization’s portal. Once in your group’s portal click on the “Settings” tab toward the scroll bar on the side of the screen. You will then need to click on "Organization Settings" in the drop down menu. Finally, click on the green "Update Profile" button. You will be directed to an area where you must update all nine pages of organization information, you must go through the entire process and click, the green "Finish" button on the final screen that says, "You're Almost Done!". 

How to use the various Modules on OrgSync (Modules are the tools you will see on the side of the screen when you are working in OrgSync.)

For more information about OrgSync, contact CSIL (157 IMU) at (319) 335-3059 or

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